Buttermilk Biscuit Busts A Move

Everybody knows who the secret weapon is on The Biscuit Brothers' TV show.

It's Tiny Scarecrow, of course.

But after Tiny, the Brothers' other secret weapon is the somewhat underutilized Buttermilk Biscuit. Well, perhaps underutilized until now, because here's a feature of her very own, "Buttermilk's Dance Party." The concept -- teaching dance moves -- is pretty basic, but the execution is simple and elegant.

Now if they could do some sort of cross-promotion with that Dance Dance Revolution game, they'd be set.

The Biscuit Brothers - "Oh Susanna" (Buttermilk's Dance Party)

If that's too easy or too hard for your kids (or, er, you), a couple more videos after the jump.
This is for the youngest of younguns, pretty easy.

The Biscuit Brothers - "Five Little Monkeys" (Buttermilk's Dance Party)

It's an introduction to the concept, but with its sheer number of moves, it might be for slightly older kids.