Mayor Monkey Gets a DVD to Call His Own

FieldTripsLowRes.jpg I already mentioned the new video for "Marshmallow Farm" from Seattle's Recess Monkey, but what I didn't mention was that the video's actually from an upcoming DVD release from the band. Subsequent to posting the video, the band sent me the cover to the DVD, Field Trips with Recess Monkey. (See the band rockin' the... Futura font?) According to RM's Jack Forman, the DVD includes four episodes "each hosted by Mayor Monkey, sort of like American Bandstand meets This American Life." That's either the worst American Bandstand ever or the best This American Life ever. Part 1: MayMo visits Gasworks Park -- I give it an 85. (Details of the first episode after the jump.)
Episode 1
-- Mayor Monkey visits Seattle's Gasworks Park- several segments throughout the episode
-- "Marshmallow Farm" Video
-- Radio 8 Ball Featuring Ben
-- "Fort" Video
-- "Under My Bed" > "Green Monster" (Live from the EMP)