Live Video: The Jimmies

JimmiesStink1.jpgThere is no mistaking New York's The Jimmies when they enter a room. Between Ashley Albert walking in a bright red dress (for Austin Kiddie Limits last year she also brought a very western gingham dress as well) and the rest of the Jimmies with their matching white shirts and ties, they rock a uniform better than any kids music band this side of the Wiggles. Between their website, their videos, and, oh yeah, their songs, they've done a great job of defining the Jimmies "brand," much as that term's a bit distasteful. They are, in short, ten tons of fun.

JimmiesFan.jpgThe Jimmies were the one band on the KindieFest 2009 showcase I'd seen before. So I didn't have the thrill of anticipation or curiosity I had with the other acts -- I could just appreciate the showmanship, do the occasional accompanying hand motions, and wonder whether they would hand out egg shakers to the audience (the answer to that was no). Of course, if I were to remember a single event from the set, it'd probably be when Ashley fired off her streamer cannon at the end of "Every Day's a Holiday" and several streamers wrapped themselves around the high-speed ceiling fan at Jalopy, providing a colorful swirl above our heads (that picture to the left doesn't do it justice). I could've tried that three dozen times and never succeeded. It was just Ashley's (good) luck, I think.

The Jimmies - "Cool To Be Uncool" (Live at KindieFest 2009)



All photos -- with the exception of the photo of the spinning fan -- used with permission of J.P. Stephens from the band Lunch Money; visit him at Lumos Studio. Thanks, J.P.!