KC Jiggle Jam 2009: Are They UNC Men's or UConn Women's Basketball Team?

Now, it's obvious to many that my 2008-2009 University of North Carolina Tar Heel men's basketball team was the best in the country (ranked #1 for a good portion of the year, won the NCAA Tournament with each win in double-digits), but hey, they did lose 4 games, so it's not an open-and-shut case. The University of Connecticut women's basketball team? They not only won the Tournament, but they were undefeated, winning every game all year by double-digits. Amazing, maybe the best team ever.

So last year's KC Jiggle Jam was pretty impressive: They Might Be Giants, Justin Roberts, Trout Fishing in America, plus regional favorites like Jim Cosgrove (who drew the biggest crowd of the weekend), Funky Mama, and Dino O' Dell. Clearly in the top echelon of festival lineups -- maybe a Memphis men's team.

This year? My goodness. All those folks listed above are coming back plus Dan Zanes, Brady Rymer, Recess Monkey, and regional favorites The Doo-Dads and Sugar Free All-Stars (and more). For, er, $8 per kid ($10 at the door) and $5 per adult.

I'm sorry, but the competition is over. While what I've heard about the Kidzapalooza and Austin Kiddie Limits stages for this summer and fall suggests that that's going to be a pretty good time, too, at this point it's just a question as to whether the Jiggle Jam is the best family music lineup this year or the best family music lineup ever. If you're anywhere near Kansas City this Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, May 24th), get yourself down there.