I'm Sorry, Frank Black, But You Should Totally Do a Kids Album

And for [Frank] Black, has fatherhood changed his music?

"No, not at all," he said. "It's not like, now I'm gonna sing about my kids, and I'd be doing my kids a disservice if I get all fluffy and wimpy and dorky ... someday, I'll be dead and gone, but they'll still have my copyrights."

OK, as I reread the quote and its accompanying article about Black's new band Grand Duchy, which includes his wife, perhaps he's not talking about kids music but just about "going soft."

But, still, if I were the kind of person to start one of those "1,000,000 Strong" Facebook pages (hey, did Bad Brains play Obama's Inauguration?), I would totally start a "1,000,000 Strong for the Pixies and Frank Black To Do a Family Music Album" page. It might be a disaster, but even if it were, it'd be a glorious disaster.