Music Lessons For Kids

Miss Mary Mack started piano lessons this week. The piano's been in my family for maybe 25 years now, a Kawai upright that I took lessons on. It's survived a couple moves and a couple kids plunking relatively aimlessly (if joyfully) on the keys. Miss Mary Mack's wrapping up second grade, so we thought now was a good time to start and see how she likes it. She's sung in church choir and done other music-related activities, but this is the first time she's had an instrument with daily practice as her task. She's taken to practicing with gusto, but it's only the first week and so I know that's indicative only of the newness of the activity and nothing else.

I know a number of readers here have kids of similar age (or slightly older) and I'm wondering how the music-lesson process went for you. Was it painful for your kids from the start, or has it been completely wonderful for them? What was hard for them? War stories, success stories, weird stories -- share 'em if you'd like down below in the comments.

(As for Little Boy Blue, I'm happy to report that this morning he amused himself by singing a number of songs to himself, so perhaps music lessons are in his future a couple years down the road. Of course, I could've done without the music at 5:20 AM...)