Video: "The Pink Whale" - Shana Berry

I gotta tell you, usually when I hear from an artist with a new album, I have a pretty good idea what to expect, good or bad. There's little mystery.

And then there's The Fofers, a project from Maine's Shana Berry. Berry describes her new album thusly:

On A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree, I sing (and play guitar and a little bit of uke) about an island called Fof, inhabited by the multi-colored furry Fofers (rhymes with gophers), who climb magical trees into the clouds and ride their bikes on Rollercoaster Road.
And if you watch the video Berry animated for "The Pink Whale" below, I think you'll be intrigued. I am, and I don't even have the album yet. It is, at the least, even if you don't like it at all, one of the more unique projects out there.

Shana Berry - "The Pink Whale"