I Will Take This Lunch: Recess Monkey's "Field Trip" Almost Ready

FieldTrip.jpgOoh. Ooh. Ooh.

Take a look at that cover.

It's the cover for Recess Monkey's next album, Field Trip, set for release on June 9th. Sweet, no?

The artwork is by Seattle cartoonist Matt Hawk who, judging from his homepage does a lot of myth and fantasy stuff too (though I gotta say, there's a picture there on the homepage that looks a looooot like Captain Bogg & Salty). Anyway, Hawk does the interior art work for the album as well.

But you're probably even more interested in the track listing. And that's after the jump, with a few comments from the band...

1. Fort
2. Marshmallow Farm
3. Sack Lunch - "Told from the perspective of the brown bag lunch that waits for you in the lunch bin while you’re off on a field trip."
4. Knocktopus
5. New Shoes - "This song featured Daron and Jack’s velcro shoe solo." Shouldn't that be "duet"?
6. Haven’t Got a Pet Yet - "This song is a blueprint for how to talk your parent into getting you a dog."
7. Hot Chocolate - "This is the first Recess Monkey song to feature Drew playing thermos." Which makes me wonder if it's not the last.
8. Ice Pack
9. Tiny Telephone
10. Little Insects Crawling Everywhere (L.I.C.E.) - "Lice are the great equalizer!"
11. Something Happens in the Teens
12. Secret Agent Watch
13. Bubble Factory
14. Centipede Pirate
15. Firefly Lullaby
16. Waiting For Vanderslice

Is this album where the band and John Vanderslice finally meet? You'll have to wait and see, erm, hear.