New Music from Uncle Rock

I'm a bit late with this, but I never worry too much about being late with new music, this time it's Uncle Rock, who posted some new tracks on his Myspace page. Uncle Rock is more willing to throw out his musical experiments for your enjoyment than a lot of kids artists, and here they're demos he's recording for tracks on his next album. "There Is No Away" is an atmospheric story song, "Buddy Holly Has the Hiccups" is about as silly/historical as you'd expect, an updated "Garbage Barge," and more. I'm guessing a more environmental vibe and more of a explicit tip of the cap to his musical predecessors on the next go-round.

Also, there's some more music at Uncle Rock's ReverbNation page I haven't before heard "A Very Good Question," which that poses the question "What if I woke up with purple skin?" It is indeed a very good question. And a very good song.