New Sippy Cups Album "The Time Machine" Out June 16

TheTimeMachine.jpgWord from the Bay Area band The Sippy Cups that their next full-length album, The Time Machine, will be out June 16. That's, like, exactly three months from today. Unfortunately there is no time machine you can use to transport yourself forward to that date, but according to the press materials, the title is more, well metaphorical than my cheap joke:

"What kid doesn't love the idea of a time machine? But in the case of The Sippy Cups, the time machine they are referring to is not some tricked-out Delorean, but our own bodies, which are constantly growing and changing and moving us through time. They wanted to convey to children and parents how magical that journey through time can be, and how precious the milestones are along the way. "
Of course, I've read enough PR material to know how overblown that can all be, but still, sounds like it might be cool.

Track listing for The Time Machine is as follows:

1. Starry Morning
2. The Time Machine
3. Look On Up
4. My Loose Tooth
5. Major Minor Math Lesson
6. Seven Is the New 14 [OK, so I totally love this song title.]
7. One Day Soon
8. Hailstone Man
9. Don't Remove the Groove
10. Super Guy Saves the Dad
11. My Angry Voice
12. Daddy's Lucky Charm
13. Awake