Concert Recap: Gustafer Yellowgold (Phoenix, March 2009)

MorganTaylor.jpgAgain, before it gets too far past the event, wanted to throw out a few thoughts about the first-ever Arizona appearance of Gustafer Yellowgold this past weekend. Morgan Taylor and Rachel Loshak performed a couple brief sets at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Little Boy Blue and I attended the first set, which we enjoyed, except when I wouldn't let him use my tiny camcorder, at which point he pitched a fit. (Which is why you won't be seeing "Butter Pond Lake.")

In any case, it was a good show, and what was interesting for me was seeing the DVD translate to a live setting. I mean, the insertion of between-song banter was something I'd never really considered while watching the DVDs (for obvious reasons). Taylor's a funny guy, which comes through in the videos, of course, but the concert confirmed the fact.

We chatted a bit after the show (and before the noon show) and we bought a Gustafer doll. Now to figure out where to pose him for a picture...

Gustafer Yellowgold - "Your Eel" (Live)

One more picture after the jump...