As Saturday Morning Concerts Go, This Is A Good One

A couple months back, I let you know that the Grammy folks would be hosting a new kids music series at their new Grammy Museum, including a show tied to the kids music genre.

Well, that show is coming up here -- this Saturday in fact -- and if you're in the LA area, heck even if you hate the Grammys, this should be one heckuva show. Brady Rymer and Buck Howdy, both nominees in this year's kids audio categories, will be performing. Add to them Tom Paxton, who's receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammys next weekend, and Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, who will be presenting some awards at Sunday afternoon's Grammy ceremony, and it's a sweet little concert. Starts at 10 AM, tickets just $8/person, or free with Museum admission.