Video: "Cool To Be Uncool" - The Jimmies

I already wrote about this video once - sort of - but the finished product shows that while there may be others who create unique and interesting videos, there is absolutely nobody in the kids music field that creates videos with the same love and attention (and, hey, probably budgets, too) as The Jimmies. Their latest effort, "Cool To Be Uncool," I like to think was filmed in the actual bedroom set for The Princess Bride. It's from their forthcoming DVD Trying Funny Stuff, which'll feature 6 videos, a live concert, other stuff, and a live CD of the concert.

Go over to their video page to see all of their videos (or if Flash gives your computer a headache, go see the YouTube version) and go here to pre-order the DVD at a discount until Sunday.

The Jimmies - "Cool To Be Uncool"