This One Doesn't Surprise Me So Much

Jewel's recording a children's album, a lullaby album specifically:

The lullabies are "just very pretty and sung very softly and sort of in my falsetto voice. So it should just be lolling and soothing. But the lyrics are smart, interesting for adults. If you don't have kids, I made it for adults who just want to have a certain mood record to put on - take a bath or drink a cup of tea or have a glass of wine at night and just chill."
I gotta tell you, sometimes these YAKMAFAAs surprise me, but this one doesn't, really. I mean, I have no particular like or dislike for Jewel, so I have no trepidation or excitement for the album, but it's really nothing more than a momentary feeling of "huh." We shall see how good it is.

The album of all original material is due out later this year. (Hat tip: Conductor Jack)