Readers Who Need Readers: St. Patrick's Day Songs

A reader sent me this request recently:

I am a children's librarian... I am getting together a music/movement/story program for toddlers and preschoolers for St. Patrick's Day and am stumped on finding great music. Any suggestions?
Well, I'll admit to being a little stumped, but here's what I suggested...

I'd probably go with an Irish theme -- "Wild Mountain Thyme" perhaps (the Dan Zanes and Nields recordings are excellent). There's a kids album by Kathy Ludlow and Mary Coogan, who sing with traditional Irish groups. The album is called The Big Ship Sails and while it's not really Irish-specific, it has a definite Irish sound. For quiet time, you could always try Putumayo's Celtic Dreamland disk. The American-Irish duo Sunflow has an album called Under the Stars, which is another non-Irish specific quiet time disk.

Or you could always play songs featuring Patrick... from Spongebob Squarepants.

(I'm here all week, folks.)

Anyways, those are my suggestions -- how about yours?