Grammys 2009: A Follow-Up

I already mentioned the winners of the 2009 Grammys for kids audio. A couple follow-ups...

First, here is where you can watch the Grammy ceremony. The kids audio categories are about 42-43 minutes in. If you don't want to bother loading the video, I've embedded a copy of TMBG's comments below. Afterwards, backstage, John Linnell was quoted as saying

"The money is in children's music," he said. "Those kids are loaded... Even with music sales down for adult music, a lot of parents are willing to pay for songs for their kids," he said.

"And maybe just to set a good example, they're less likely to steal it." There's also special joy, for him, he said, in making music for tots. "A lot of adults are walking rock critics. They always compare the music to what they've heard before. Kids don't do that. They're hearing it all for the first time."

I plead guilty to the "walking rock critic" part.

As for Bill Harley, a lot of these comments have been seen elsewhere, but it's nice to pass on. Harley notes that "no matter what you're thinking before ("I could win!", or "I should win!", or "There's no way I'll win!" ) - you're still surprised when someone calls your name. In this case, it was particularly pleasing to hear my two dear friends, Marcy Marxer and Cathy Fink, make the announcement... This was a very competitive category this year, and I know a lot of people had to vote for me. Thanks to them, and those who support me, and the couple generations of parents, kids and teachers who have put their trust in me."

Harley also said he he hung out with Ezra and Keith of Trout Fishing in America -- the three of them introduced ourselves to Brenda Lee as her new band and she says she wants to make a kid's recording. And in one of the funnier lines of the week, Harley noted this e-mail from a fan: "My husband and I were discussing your nomination earlier today and Emma (5) overheard us talking. She said, "Doesn't Bill Harley already have a Grammy? Why does he need another one?"

Video of TMBG after the jump.