Listen To This: "How Many Sleeps 'til Christmas?"

SpeksGlassesIsland.jpgA lot of the Christmas songs I've been posting or mentioning have tended toward the silly, goofy, and light.

This song is not any of those.

But I like it nonetheless. It's from the Irish band The Speks, a band whose debut album Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island I like and really should've mentioned here by now and don't really have a reason for not doing so. Perhaps I'd heard waaay too much Irish music on a "Prairie Home Companion" episode about the time I got their disk. Anyway, they typically do traditional kids songs with an Irish music twist (that's the cover to their debut Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island at top), but this song is a little different from most of their music. It's a modern take on a Christmas song that features a children's choir from County Clare in Ireland. It teeters on the edge of sappy, but doesn't fall over the edge.

Download the song here. A video and more free songs after the jump.
The Speks have a number of other free (non-Christmas-related) downloads and streams from their album available here.

The Speks - "Miss Molly Had a Dolly" [YouTube]