New Elizabeth Mitchell Video "Little Bird, Little Bird" = Cute Overload. (Plus, New Album Title.)

LittleBirdVideoPic.jpgOK, you know those parenting magazines you skim through at the pediatricians' office (when all you you'd really like to read is a nice Entertainment Weekly or Economist?) that have pictures of cupcakes which make you want to scream "oooooh!"? This is like the kids music video equivalent. Don't click on the picture -- go here to watch "Little Bird, Little Bird" from Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird.

More importantly, Mitchell's next album (mastered and mixed, I believe), has a title. Sunny Day. Not You Are My Sunny Day, just Sunny Day. Look for a 2010 release.

Update: Now on YouTube, though not in the highest quality...

Elizabeth Mitchell - "Little Bird, Little Bird" [YouTube]