Video: "Itsy Bitsy Spider" - Caspar Babypants

Top 5 Things About Caspar Babypants' Video for "Itsy Bitsy Spider":
1) The hands? "Manny Handypants" and "Randy Handypants" - hah!
2) The harmonicas
3) The tiny Casio keyboard near the end (I loved those things!)
4) The song itself, which turns the traditional melody into 2 minutes of music you'd gladly listen to repeatedly
5) The fact that it looks incredibly simple, and yet would've required not a little bit of thought.

From the album More Please! -- Chris has added tunes from the album to his Babypants music player, so go to his website and check it out...

Caspar Babypants - "Itsy Bitsy Spider" [YouTube]