Listen To This: "Hurry Up and Light the Candles" - The Macaroons

HurryUpJDubHanukkah.jpgI already gave you a heads up regarding a pretty cool Christmas song for your free downloading pleasure. As sweet as that song is, the latest track from The Macaroons surpasses it -- completely and totally awesome. I really dug their last songs, and now they're 3 for 3. Listen to "Hurry Up and Light the Candles" here or here. Regardless of your belief in free will, you'll then have no choice to go over and purchase the new EP Hurry Up, It's a JDub Kids Hanukkah at iTunes. (Note: the song titles are reversed at the moment -- you want whatever track is listed as being 2:20 in length.) You'll swoon all day and all of the night. For, like, 8 nights.