Dean Jones and the Felice Brothers Play Rock Paper Scissors

RockPaperScissors.JPGThose yelps of delight you might have heard from parts of the Kindie Twitterverse last week were from some folks getting their hands on the latest album from Dean Jones, member of the great kindie collective Dog On Fleas. It's called Rock Paper Scissors and it features The Felice Brothers (returning the favor to Jones, who sometimes plays horn with the band) on a number of tracks, along with a bunch of other guest artists such as Uncle Rock.

Early spins of the album reveal a disk that is messy in all the right ways; it features Dean playing a bunch of instruments, including the car-horn o-phone -- how could it not be? It'll be for sale any day now, so stay tuned... Tracklisting below...
1 Hail! Hail! the Gang’s All Here!
2 Rock Paper Scissors
3 Butterfingers
4 Sing Like a Sparrow
5 Mama Said No
6 Surprise
7 Roncando (w/ Uncle Rock)
8 Throw on the Charm
9 Poison Ivy
10 Isthmus be the Pirate Waltz
11 Lucky (w/ Amy Poux)
12 Flat Tire
13 Frenzy
14 Miss Mary Jane
15 Baby in My Pocket
16 Lefty Loosey/Righty Tighty
17 Tomorrow
18 The Littlest Song