Video: "(I'm Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day" - Laurie Berkner

You can see a Laurie Berkner-approved video for "(I'm Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day" right here (it's set to a class field trip). Or perhaps you'd like to see a bunch of kindergartners offer their rendition of Berkner's simple but elegant (if that term can be applied to a song about overeating) melody. Kids dressed as reindeer = winner.

I like this fan video, however, which only captures about 30 seconds of the song. Which, when you think about it, is probably the approach you should take tomorrow -- leave the table just a little bit hungry. (You can buy a song download here.)

I hope that all of you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday -- probably my favorite of all the holidays -- and that you have many things to be thankful for.

Laurie Berkner - "(I'm Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day" [YouTube]