The Hoodwinked Soundtrack - Back! In! Print!

HoodwinkedOST.jpgI'd be giddier about this news except for the fact that I already have the awesome soundtrack to Hoodwinked, the animated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood via Rashomon from early 2006.

But I'm giddy, nonetheless, because the soundtrack, out of print due to contractual disputes, according to director Cory Edwards, is back in print. That's right, all you quizzical commenters, you need no longer troll eBay for auctions. Instead, Amazon and iTunes (and many others) are happy to be of assistance.

The bad news, such as it is, is twofold. First, the mp3 version of the soundtrack is only available for purchase in full. Having said that, some of the songs ("Great Big World," with Anne Hathaway on vocals, or the stunning "Red is Blue," with Ben Folds) are probably worth 2 or 3 bucks apiece by themselves, so $10 for the album isn't too bad.

Second, I'm guessing that the reason the parties got their acts together and put the soundtrack back in print is that Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil will be released in January 2010, and they probably want to cash in. I'll probably want to see that with the kids (the original, while not perfect, was pretty good), but I'm disappointed to see no mention of original soundtrack creator Todd Edwards (co-director of the movie and Cory's brother) nowhere in the credits for the new movie.

So, to sum. If you are a rockist family, don't delay. Get the album. (Because who knows when the whole thing will collapse and it goes OOP again.)