"Pokey" Does Not Mean Shipping Times

PokeyPup.jpgAs many of you know, I lend my reviews to another retailer, but I've always been happy to mention The Pokey Pup as another place to get the best in music for kids and families. The Pup's owner, Bryan Townsend, has been a great supporter of kids music, participating in the Fids & Kamily Awards (you can purchase all of this year's winners), and even releasing a few albums (yay, Jellydots!). (And the number of other kids music fans who've noted these things in the past 24 hours speaks to how well he's regarded.)

Anyway, if you feel like spending your hard-earned cash on music (or the occasional DVD) for your kiddos, you could do far, far worse then heading on over there to do so (especially with, er, the free shipping).