Dan Zanes and Friends: 76 Trombones and 17 Tracks (Or Is It 18?)

76Trombones.jpgAs previously noted, Dan Zanes' take on Broadway tunes, 76 Trombones, is due out November 17th on his Festival Five Records.

We here at Zooglobble have the tracklisting (actually, we have the whole disk) and thought we'd share. Because we like to share. The list itself is after the jump...

1. 76 Trombones
2. Hello, Dolly (w/ Carol Channing)
3. I Can Do That (w/ Derick K. Grant)
4. I Like Ev'rybody (w/ Brian Stokes Mitchell)
5. I Won't Grow Up
6. Big On Broadway (w/ Father Goose)
7. Thumbelina (w/ Father Goose)
8. Inchworm
9. I Don't Need Anything But You (w/ De'Adre Aziza)
10. Gary, Indiana / Wells Fargo Wagon
11. You I Like
12. Tomorrow (Manana) (w/ Sonia de Los Santos)
13. I'm Flying
14. Before the Parade Passes By (w/ Matthew Broderick)
15. You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
16. I Am What I Am (w/ the Band AKA the Friends)
17. Goodnight, My Someone
18. [hidden track, which I'm not going to spoil, but it's a nice one.]