All Weezer's Friends Are Insects, Apparently

Weezer. Yo Gabba Gabba! How could this not being anything but appointment TV, right? I mean, even if it failed, it would have to be something worth viewing.

So, yes, the alternative-rockers that first burst onto the scene with a video inserting themselves into an episode of Happy Days recently taped a video for the show for a new song called "All My Friends Are Insects" that indicates that, yes, you will want to watch. The four guys, all dressed up as insects, rock out with guitars and basses, and in the case of drummer Pat Wilson, as a praying mantis with four drum sticks (what better way to get those hi-hats, I suppose). Entertainment Weekly's Music Mix blog has the behind-the-scenes video from the video shoot, including some muddy sound. (Original hat tip: Pitchfork.)

Seeing Weezer prance around in dorky costumes (what could be more appropriate on October 30?) makes me think that Yo Gabba Gabba! is kinda become a Soupy Sales Show for the new millenium. Sales was known for getting a bunch famous guest stars to come on his show, and the idea that Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, or Frank Sinatra would be willing to get a pie in the face is kinda amusing to me. Now, big stars (or at least medium-sized stars) are willing to come onto YGG and wear silly costumes or dance geekily. When Oprah shows up and does her own Dancey Dance, we'll know they've hit the big time...