Listen To This: "Wake Up" - The Verve Pipe

AFamilyAlbum.pngI could have named two, three dozen bands who rose to national prominence in the early-to-mid-90s before mentioning The Verve Pipe as a band who I'd expect to do kids music, to come out with a family album.

But they have. Literally.

The band's just released A Family Album, and it's about as far from "The Freshmen" as you could possibly get. Just get on over here, listen to "Wake Up" -- the album opener, a happy bit of power-pop with the kitchen sink thrown in -- and tell me you don't have a bit of a grin on your face when its two minutes are up. (And if that doesn't do it, "Cereal" is a song for which the phrase "over the top" was invented.)

Seriously, folks, I really think it's worth your time to check out; the whole album's available for streaming. Here's the tracklist...
1. Wake Up
2. We Had to Go Home
3. Complimentary Love
4. Be a Part of the Band
5. When One Became Two
6. Cereal
7. Only One of You
8. Suppertime!
9. Worrisome One
10. Go To Sleep Now