More (Music) Please, Caspar Babypants!

MorePlease.pngIt's been too long since the public has been able to enjoy new music from Chris Ballew alter ego Caspar Babypants. Luckily, your wait is almost over, as the followup to the stellar Here I Am! will be out on November 17. It's called More Please! (indeed) and features 20 new cuts, both original and freshened up versions of classic kids music.

None of the new tracks are up for preview at his website, but there is a new (old) song not from the disk that's posted there. It's called "Shoofly Pie Company," and you won't even notice that it was, er, a fan song written for the actual Shoofly Pie Company in Seattle. If you want to listen, click on the player at the bottom of the page, then click the backward track button (looks like "|<<") once when "Small Black Ant" pops up. Or just go here and download the track. But then you won't bother listening to the rest of the fun tracks from Here I Am!.

Anyway, here's the tracklisting for More Please!:
1. take the sun
2. dog gone gone dog gone
3. robin on a wire
4. run baby run
5. bold little bird
6. i'm a nut
7. nine ninety nine
8. itsy bitsy spider
9. rocks and flowers
10. mary had a little lamb
11. ramshackle
12. dust mite
13. cotton eyed joe
14. light it up
15. fuzzy wuzzy
16. i made up my mind
17. looking up
18. sittin' on this rock
19. little ghost
20. spiders lullaby