Listen To This: "Mezuzah" / "Apples & Honey" - The Macaroons

How's this for a kids music supergroup of sorts? A couple guys from The Zambonis (North America's favorite all-hockey band, who are partially responsible for "Hockey Monkey"), a guy whose band DeLeon turns Sephardic folk tunes into indie rock, and Michael Azerrad, best known for the book Our Band Could Be Your Life. OK, not a kids music supergroup, seeing as they have maybe one great kids song between them. But put them together as The Macaroons, a kids band with a fairly Jewish focus, and you have a potentially ground-breaking album.

They're putting out an album later this year on JDub Records, and I'm here to tell you that regardless of your faith, you need to listen to the two tunes they've posted post haste. Both songs -- the stomping, hair-metal with a sense of humor "Mezuzah" and the sweet pop-rock of "Apples & Honey" -- are, well, awesome.

In case you're not Jewish and need the Internet to explain things (like I did), here's teh internets on what a "mezuzah" is. You don't need any help with "Apples & Honey," which is a sweet Rosh Hashannah song. "It's when things get sticky / Just remember life is sweet" -- special meaning for those of the Jewish faith, but a sentiment the rest of us could get behind.