Video: "Bedhead" - The Jimmies

Proving that Dan Zanes and Beethoven's Wig aren't the only the only kids musicians that can sport an unconventional hairdo, the Jimmies have unleashed a whole series of unconventional hairdos for their fine new video.

It's for the rockin' song "Bedhead," and it can be viewed (along with all their other excellent videos) at their spiffy video player here.


Update: Ashley from the Jimmies reports that those 4 videos, along with 2 more will be on an upcoming DVD, along with a "behind-the-scenes doc, sing-along karaoke versions of the songs, general shenanigans and, yes, the fabled live concert, complete with giant tap dancing robot." What can go wrong with a tap dancing robot? (Don't answer that.) Oh, and the band is planning something else really cool, but I'm not going to jinx it by mentioning it now...