Austin Kiddie Limits 2008 Preview: The Rest of the Weekend

Well, if I don't finish this series of previews of the artists who will be playing the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at the 2008 edition of the Austin City Limits Festival soon, I'll never finish. So I'm going to wrap up by briefly mentioning the rest of the artists. (Previous artists: Buck Howdy with BB, Uncle Rock, Jambo, The Jimmies, Big Don, mr.RAY.)

First off, the Q Brothers:
-- Official Website
-- Myspace page

The Q Brothers are the other hip-hop artist(s) to play AKL this year. They performed last year. I didn't see 'em perform on stage, but I did see them teach a whole bunch of kids how to scratch and rap at their booth between sets. They'll be doing that again this year.

The Q Brothers play 12:30 Friday.

The Q Brothers - Promo for "Funk It Up About Nothin'" (a promo for a blend of Shakespeare and hip-hop)

More artists after the jump...
Paul Green's School of Rock All-Stars:
-- Official Website
-- Audio
-- Some YouTube

Kids shredding it up on guitar. And, in the meantime, teaching young kids how to shred guitar. Plenty of video to go around at that YouTube site. They play 3:30 on Friday and Sunday.

-- Official Website

Anthropos is an Austin-based institution that... well, let's let their website (partially) speak for itself... intends "to provide professional quality music instruction to economically disadvantaged youth - free of charge; to create opportunities for professional musicians from our community to serve as mentors to youth; and to encourage youth to create, compose, and improvise: we want to prove to them that they are already qualified to do so." So expect to see some really talented kids play music in Friday's "guest artist" slot at 3:15. (They played the stage in 2004, too.)

Nicole Atkins:
-- Official Website
-- YouTube

Nicole Atkins and the Sea play folk-rock. She's got a great voice -- listen and watch here for example -- and I fully expect her 3:15 Sunday "guest artist" appearance to be the most crowded AKL stage time this year, seeing as she's playing the freakin'-huge AMD stage earlier that day.

As for the 3:15 Saturday "guest artist" slot, I'm guessing Mason Jennings, who's playing that evening and who did a similar guest artist slot at Lolla/Kidzapalooza. But maybe Sam Beam from Iron & Wine will surprise me...