Hey, NPR! Thanks Again!

I have it on good authority -- that is, NPR's website -- that they'll be airing the latest in my occasional chats with All Things Considered's Melissa Block later this afternoon (Monday). This time the subject is "Grown-Up Bands Craft Kid Songs". Better, perhaps, than "Grown-Up Bands Sing Kid Crafts," which would have resulted in songs about popsicle-stick ornaments.

To those of you stumbling across this website for the first time, welcome. (To those of you, like me, on the West Coast, you might still have time to listen live.) I hope the music struck your or your kids' fancy, that I sounded charming, and I that I provided you with a respite from all the other news of the day/week/month. (Thanks, Melissa, for the chat!)

If you are new, here's a brief rundown of what you can find here...
-- Off to the right are links to my YouTube page, Facebook fan page, Facebook page for me, and Myspace. Sorry, I'm not Twittering, because I'm about 3 years behind the curve.
-- I write occasionally in other spots, such as the fine parenting/humor website Offsprung.
-- In case you like the music, but want a different website layout, there are other voices in this genre -- Bill Childs at Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child hosts an excellent radio show among other things, and Gwyneth at Gooney Bird Kids and Warren at About's Kids Music site are good places to go to. Though Amy has recently shuttered her site, the archives are still worth a stroll.
-- Bill and Amy and I also run the Fids and Kamily Awards, our attempt to use the hive mind of the kids music world to find the consensus #1 album of the year.
-- For those of you in Austin, Bill and Gwyneth and I will all be attending the Austin City Limits Festival and if want to hear some great kids music outside the festival, Bill and I are hosting the Family Music Meltdown 2. Join us if you can!

Otherwise, if you're an artist and you want me to listen to some music, or if you're interested in having me write, talk, or perform an interpretative dance about kids music, my e-mail address is over there to the side.

More details on the artists in today's piece after the jump, and there are tons of artists linked on the right, both those who "moonlight" in the kids music genre and those who do nothing but. Thanks again for stopping by.
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