Songs For Pirates

In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, here are some songs for pirates from the kids music tradition, which you can listen to while pondering how pirates say "Arrrrgggghhhh, mateys" in non-English langauges.

First off, the obvious:
-- All albums by >Captain Bogg & Salty (search on 'em here to find reviews -- some are more appropriate only for slightly older kids).
-- Sam's Rot'n Pot'n Pan Band's self-titled debut, which isn't entirely piratical, but fun nonetheless.
-- Mike Mennard's Pirates... Do the Darnedest Things, which definitely is on the jokier side of things.
-- Sea Music from Dan Zanes isn't really pirate songs, but definitely puts you in a seafaring mood. (And Dan Zanes does a pretty good version of "Drunken Sailor" on one of the Old Town School disks.)

And now songs:
-- "Blackbeard, Bluebeard, and Redbeard," Eric Herman
-- "Drunken Sailor," many sources, including a rambunctious version from Astrograss and a spoof version ("What Can You Do With a Baby Brother?") from Ralph's World.
-- "I'm A Pirate," Uncle Rock
-- "A Pirate's Song," Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
-- "Pirates," Milkshake
-- "Pirate Ship," traditional -- Little Miss Ann does a nice version
-- "Pirate Girls Nine," They Might Be Giants
-- "The Ballad of Dirty Joe," Bill Harley

I have little doubt I'm overlooking some... care to help?