Austin Kiddie Limits 2008 Preview: The Jimmies

Another day, another entry in my ongoing series of previews of the artists who will be playing the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at the 2008 edition of the Austin City Limits Festival. Today -- The Jimmies. (Previous artists: Buck Howdy with BB, Uncle Rock, Jambo.)

First, the technical specs...
-- Official Website
-- Videos
-- Myspace page
-- Zooglobble archives, including an interview with lead Jimmy ("lead Jimmie"?) Ashley Albert.

The Jimmies will rock harder than anyone else at the AKL stage next weekend with the possible exception of the Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars, and is the School of Rock bringing a giant tap-dancing robot? I didn't think so. Well, neither are the Jimmies, but they've brought one to a concert taping before, so they've got that going for them. Anyway, their debut album Make Your Own Someday features some great powerpop and a sense of humor that will greatly amuse your seven-year-old. And probably you.

The Jimmies play at 3:30 Saturday and 2:30 Sunday. Bring your own tap-dancing robot.

The Jimmies - "Do The Elephant"

More videos, including the much-loved "Spanimals," after the jump...
The Jimmies - "Spanimals"

The Jimmies - "Taddy"