Austin Kiddie Limits 2008 Preview: Jambo

In my ongoing series of previews of the artists who will be playing the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at the 2008 edition of the Austin City Limits Festival, next up is Jambo. (Previous artists: Buck Howdy with BB, Uncle Rock).

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Whereas Uncle Rock explores the "rock" side of roots rock, Jambo (AKA Steve Pierson and his band), from Southern California, explores the bluesier side of roots rock. Not in any "my baby left me" sort of way, but he does play a pretty slick guitar. Oh, he also sings about ladybugs, dogs, and other topics left virtually unexplored by, say, BB King. Jambo is one of the AKL veterans -- they played the stage last year -- so he'll at least be smart enough not to wear something insanely warm. And it'll be a good, solid set.

Jambo plays Friday at 1:30, and Saturday at 11:30 as well.

Jambo - "Where Do They Go?" (Live)

One more live video after the jump.
Jambo - "It's A Good Day" (Live)