The Dorkiest Thing I'll Post All Week

I realize the week is early, and "dorky" probably covers a good third of my material here, but sometimes I get press releases that make me chuckle.

Your (and my) calendar might say that today is the first day of the month of September, but according to the folks at Sirius Kids Stuff, it's -- wait for it --
"Septem-Berkner!" Get it? Get it? Yeah, well, anyway, I laughed. Sometimes that's all it takes.

All month, the channel's featuring Laurie Berkner-related activities, including an in-studio performance. You can watch a video of "Victor Vito" here which makes me wonder if when Berkner's 60 she'll still have to play that song like the Rolling Stones are still playing "Brown Sugar" and "Satisfaction." I think I'd still rather watch Berkner.