Laurie Berkner Does Have Nice Hair

Sometimes I get stuff in my inbox and don't get a chance to post until the next day. So in today's first example, I present to you Laurie Berkner's Soundcheck performance. Now, some people have spent almost as much time talking about the sponsor -- SUAVE! A Unilever brand! Plus Walmart! -- as on the show.

And so in response, I'll probably do the same. To be clear, aside from a five-second ad at the start of the full performance and a tiny logo in the lower right-hand corner and occasional glimpses of "Suave" from the rotating camera, it's definitely not a hard-sell. I'm not a fan of corporate sponsorship -- as far as corporate sponsorships go, this isn't bad.

Anyway, tracklist for the 20-minute video is after the jump. There are four videos from this week's release Rocketship Run, plus two Laurie classics. The interview, as others have mentioned, is worth watching.

1. Candy Cane Jane
2. Going On a Hunt
3. Mouse In My Toolbox
4. Rocketship Run
5. Victor Vito
6. We Are the Dinosaurs