Recess Monkey - Live At Modified Arts

OK, it's not quite Live At Budokan, and I'm definitely no Scorcese or Demme, but I've got 12+ minutes of video from Recess Monkey's show at Phoenix's Modified Arts. One's below, four more after the jump.

Recess Monkey - "S-L-Double-E-P-Over"

Drew's foot reminds me, vaguely, of the Robert Klein "I can't stop my leg" bit.
Recess Monkey - "Down Down Down"

OK, so I admit the video quality isn't particularly clear. Next time I'll be, like, 4 feet away.

Recess Monkey - "My Pet Rock"

Still, you have to admit I'm pretty steady with the camera.

Recess Monkey - "Rainbow Road"

The band actually led off the set with this, and so it might've been appropriate to lead this entry with this, but now Miss Mary Mack has taken to randomly singing "Yellow Trike!" and it's sort of gotten annoying, so I'm burying it here, despite the fact that it's a sweet little song.

Recess Monkey - "Boogie Monster"

Apologies for the weird sideways thing near the end -- my son, who I was following throughout the club, decided he needed to push down his shorts.