I Will Not Use "Might" Or "Giants" In This Title. Or Even "Science"

... even though it's related to They Might Be Giants and their next kids' album.

Normally I wouldn't be too concerned with the kids music opinions of a 48-year-old man with no children, but when said 48-year-old man is TMBG's John Flansburgh, I'm willing to make an exception. In Sunday's New York Times, Flansburgh lists five artists and albums he might have his kids listen to, if, you know, he had kids. Gettings props? Baby Loves Hip-Hop (the Dino-5), Tiny Masters of Today, and fellow scarred Disney Music Block Party Tour veteran (yes, the whole sorry chapter is over tomorrow) Dan Zanes. Plus a couple other somewhat surprising choices.

(And suddenly, news that the band is working on its next kids' album, this one devoted to science -- hat tip Bill -- is everywhere, as the Times article mentions that Flansburgh's spending time writing songs for that next kids album. Though let's all hope Here Comes Science is just a working title, because hoo-ee, that's a stinker.)