YouTwobe: The Terrible Twos on Video

So you're aware, of course, that the Terrible Twos are playing in Phoenix on Wednesday (at Modified Arts, 6 PM, $5 adults/$3 kids, hint hint). Hopefully I'll be able to add to the small collection of Terrible Twos performances currently available on YouTube. At least we'll get some songs from their new album up there.

"We Can All Get Along With Dinosaurs"

I hope the audience on Wednesday is as bouncy... a couple more videos after the jump.
Another, more-electric version of "We Can All Get Along With Dinosaurs" (at a New Amsterdams show, and let me just tell you, STOP TALKING, PEOPLE!)

"Pizza and Chocolate Milk" (though I'd note there's a somewhat inaudible curse word about 1:10 into the clip)