Real Simple? Really?

Well, I don't think the issue hits newsstands until Monday the 18th, and I haven't actually seen the copy myself, but I've from subscribers that Real Simple Family 2008, Real Simple's yearly family issue has reached mailboxes, and it includes an article from yours truly.

Unsurprisingly, it's on kids music.

I'll have more details whenever I, you know, actually see the article (and, presumably, can link to it), but for those of you who have read it and want more details on the artists and albums listed (as I understand 'em), here's your handy Zooglobble guide. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to poke around and find more great kids music worth sharing.

-- Dan Zanes - Nueva York! (review, archives)
-- They Might Be Giants - Here Come the 123s (review, archives)
-- Frances England - Family Tree (review, archives)
-- Elizabeth Mitchell - You Are My Little Bird (review, archives)
-- Recess Monkey - Tabby Road (review, archives)
-- Lunch Money - Silly Reflection (review, archives)
-- Barenaked Ladies - Snacktime (review, archives)
-- The Terrible Twos - Jerzy the Giant (review, archives)
-- Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Songs by AC/DC (sorry, no review, archives)
-- Keith Munslow - Dressed Up for the Party (review, archives)