What Does That Disney Music Block Party Tour Look Like?

TMBG_DMBP.jpgPhoto credit: faithdesired

Seeing as I'm, you know, west of the Mississippi River and unwilling to travel the 2,000 miles to the nearest Disney Music Block Party show, I was pleased as punch to get an e-mail from a woman known on her Flickr page as faithdesired. She went to the Disney Music Block Party show in Columbia, Maryland (just outside DC) on Tuesday, July 29th and took a few pictures.

Like, 110 of them.

And did I mention that she actually does this for a living?

Though usually not with a child on her hip. Not quite the Roger Miller/Ralph's World "can't change film with a kid on your back" line, though with a digital camera, that line's a bit of a puzzler now.

She's let me post a couple pictures here, a nice one of the two Johns from They Might Be Giants, of course. (Plenty of other pics -- Choo Choo Soul, Raven-Symone, Ralph's World, and more, on her page.) A Dan Zanes picture, plus a second concert report, after the jump.

DanZanes_DMBP.jpgPhoto credit: faithdesired

Gwyneth also went to the same Tuesday show. You can link to her concert recap here.