Back To Austin

It's true, folks, we'll be heading back to Austin in late September for this year's Austin City Limits Festival, and in particular, the Austin Kiddie Limits stage. Now I can engage in my own schedule-balancing as I try to figure out how to maximize my time at the AKL stage while not missing good shows elsewhere around the festival and simultaneously making sure my daughter is having a good time and not getting too tired.

That's right, Miss Mary Mack will be joining me again, and I'm hoping she'll help her dad out a little more this year, what with her new-found experience as a returning festival-goer.

We'll be staying with the Official Brother, Sister-in-Law, and Nephew of Zooglobble, since the Official Mom of Zooglobble will be out of town that weekend. We'll also be flying into Austin instead of Dallas, thereby saving us 3 hours of driving each. Yay!

And, no, I am not the secret replacement for Brian Eno in David Byrne's set (probably my most-anticipated non-AKL set).

But wait, there's more!
Yes, as Bill mentioned a couple weeks ago, there will be another Family Music Meltdown, with a lineup that we (Bill and I, your humble hosts) think will include:

Mr. Leebot
Telephone Company
Laura Freeman
Joe McDermott
Super Pal Universe

Those of you around the Austin -- especially those who aren't going to ACL -- won't want to miss this. $5/head, infants free. The fun starts at 6 PM Saturday Sept. 27th at Ruta Maya Coffehouse in South Austin.