Contest: Name The New Lunch Money Album!

If anticipation for a new album is represented by "E," awesomeness of most recent album is "A," and the amount of time since that most recent album is "T," then E = A * T.

And for me there is no "E" higher in the kids music world right now than for the next Lunch Money album. Their first album, Silly Reflection (review), is a classic, filled with tiny songwriting gems.

The album was released in late 2004, so when their new album is released on January 17, 2009, - the date they will appear on the band's website and first sell them at a show, according to the band - it will be a looong 4+ years between releases (and an entirely different kids' music landscape).

Molly Ledford told me their tentative name for the album, saying it "captures the kind of kid-generated fun we are trying to salute in our songs," (and I agree, it does) but says the name's "not official."

So here's where I -- or rather, you -- can provide Molly and the band some (unsolicited) help. And win a copy of their first album in the bargain.
That's right, I've got a copy of Silly Reflection ready for the mailing and all you have to do is suggest a name for the new album. By Tuesday June 10th at 9 PM West Coast (midnight East Coast) time suggest a name for the new album in the comments below and I'll randomly select one entry to get a copy of the CD. Feel free to suggest multiple names, but entries for the random drawing will be limited to one per person.

Who knows -- maybe a name will come along that so completely floors the band that they have no choice but to pick it. Or maybe it'll just amuse them (and us).

If you need some help, stroll through the Lunch Money archives here for links to songs, videos, and more.