Play Parties for China

I don't often pass along benefit news because if I did, I'd end up doing nothing but that. I thought the following item of sufficient interest, however, to mention here. We'll get back to regularly-scheduled slightly snarky comments soon.

From June 9th to June 23rd participating Gymboree sites across the world will be hosting Kids Helping Kids play parties, with all proceeds going to Mercy Corps to help efforts in China's Sichuan province impacted by the recent earthquake. Besides, you know, playing, each participating site will create an original friendship quilt, personalized by Gymboree children and sent to China offer. Putumayo World Music is helping out, too -- all of the Putumayo music you'll hear featured at the party will be available for purchase with proceeds going to China through Mercy Corps.

Go here to learn about Mercy Corps' efforts in China.