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    Not That I'm Against RSS Or Anything...

    But if you're just relying on your RSS reader to follow this site, you'll miss some great stuff in the comments.

    For example, the biggest kids music blogger fite! since the great Berkner-palooza-gate of January 2007 is a discussion on XM Kids between Bill and myself. The comments in both are worth reading, and I've updated my post with some more thoughts. I'll add one more thought here, and that's that expanding the universe of kids music has been one of my biggest interests from the very beginning of this site. The more voices interested in the genre -- be it radio stations or websites -- the stronger the genre will become.

    In addition to thoughts about the state of the genre, you might have missed the numerous comments on kids songs as-yet-unrecorded and kids songs not-recorded-for-a-long-time. Do you have any suggestions? Join in.

    We're also giving away a copy of Dan Zanes' new album Nueva York!. Entering that contest is one thing your RSS reader can't do for you...

    Even if you just read by RSS, I do want thank all of you for continuing to stop by on a regular basis.

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