This Is The Way I Write a Post, Write a Post, Write a Post

I don't delve too often into the educational here at Zooglobble, but occasionally I'll get a little bookwormish. I got a note recently from Tracy Zimmerman, who's the public relations director for the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. She's also got a new blog, PRMom, about being a mom and how child development research might affect what she (or other parents) does as a parent.

She pointed in the me direction of a conversation she had with Petra Kern, a music therapist at the Institute, about the importance of music in many developmental ways, including making transitions easier. If you're looking for some theoretical basis for why your kids will clean up better if you actually make a sing-song out of it (or a reminder of it), you can check out the 15-minute conversation. (And if you're wondering about the songbook Kern mentions near the end of the discussion, learn more here.)