Snacktime Leftovers

I couldn't squeeze everything I wanted to into my day of Snacktime stuff. Mostly because the stuff I wanted to talk about hadn't actually been, well, posted yet. (I tried to convince them that Monday was the day to do this, but did they listen to me? No.)

But better late than never. First, if you're on the fence about Snacktime (and you probably shouldn't be after reading my review), go over to AOL's New Releases page and you can stream the entire CD.

Second, my friends at the Land of Nod music store have posted their latest Nodcast Podcast with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies. It's another fun podcast, with Ed playing acoustic versions of "Raisins" and "A Word For That" and spins a couple other tracks from the record. He also plays a game called (echo voice here) "Is It A Guitar?," lets you compose the Nodcast Podcast theme song, and answers exactly why the band got its name.