That's A Pretty Big Snack

I was wondering how Barenaked Ladies would do sales-wise with their excellent new CD Snacktime.

Turns out, pretty darn good. The album debuted at #2 on Billboard's Top Kid Audio chart, trailing only (who else?) Hannah Montana and her live disk.

Beyond that, the album hit #61 on Billboard's main albums chart, the Billboard 200. Given that Maroon 5's latest CD came in at #58 and sold 13,000 copies, that gives you a pretty good idea of how well it sold, just below the new Elvis Costello CD and smack-dab between Carrie Underwood and Danity Kane [Ed: insert your own joke here.]

To put the result into context, the album didn't do as well their 2006 album Barenaked Ladies Are Me (#17) or 2003's Everything to Everyone (#10), but did outperform their most recent Barenaked Ladies Are Men (#102) and 2004's Barenaked For The Holidays (#64).

And with that, my friends, I pledge not to use math anymore today.