Aw, Crap.

And if I wasn't running a blog for kids' music, I'd use an even stronger term.

TheJimmies-Mr. Richard KidVid 2008 Semifinal ended with, I'm not kidding, a virtual tie. I mean, there might have been a slight voting edge to one artist, but we're talking 1 or 2 votes in nearly 700 cast.

We're talking Florida 2000-close. And given that I eliminated some votes (on both sides) because they appeared to have come from the same family (one IP address voted 8 times in, like 5 minutes -- I didn't eliminate all those) and some other votes (on both sides) because they crossed a line I set for rudeness, I could purposefully exclude or include votes based on my personal preference and create my own winner.

Which I don't want to do.

(Heck, 5 people voted without making clear who it was they were voting for. My own hanging chad. Sigh.)

So I'm calling this round a draw. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I'm trying to be fair to both artists.

Stay tuned.

(And thanks, by the way, to everyone who voted and kept the tone pretty light.)